Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is your aluminum cookware making you STUPID?

In general, a high percentage of the cooking you do at home right now may be done with aluminum pots or pans and then adding additional water to the foods you decided to cook. Unfortunately some studies have shown that overtime bits of aluminum can leach out from food acid attacking the metal.  Then by adding additional water it's quite easy to wash out most of the nutrients, as well as kill the flavor of the food...a double whammy!   It has been proven by many of the best chef cooks that there is a secret cooking method that you can use to avoid contamination and losing the natural nutrition of the food you love to cook and eat. Yes, the best method is waterless cooking or near-waterless by using the foods own natural juices! This high standard of cooking can not be achieved with your normal kitchen cookware but does requires a special stainless all clad cookware!

You might ask yourself ? ...

  • Why is this cookware better than what I have now?
  • Why should I be cooking with stainless all clad waterless cookware?
  • How will this cooking stainless benefit my family?
  • Why is cooking with stainless all clad waterless cookware the best way to cook?
  • Where can I find high quality waterless cookware I can afford?

Stainless all clad waterless cookware also know as: steam cooking, minimum moisture, waterless, and so on, is one of the very best kept secret within the entire chef cooking industry! As I mentioned in the top paragraph, a stainless all clad cookware system will allow you to cook the food in its own natural juices/water. This is achieved by using kitchen clad cookware made with several plys to 12 layers of metals for better even heat conductivity and moisture control, lids or knobs , thus lessening or reducing any need for you to add water or oil. This concept retains important vitamins and minerals, while allowing you to truly enjoy the natural flavor & color of your most favorite foods, which could otherwise be boiled or fried out of it!

  • Waterless Steel kitchen cookware retain valuable minerals & vitamins!
  • Save energy and $$$ with our kitchen & cookware!
  • Unique lids and knobs used to keep water from escaping!
  • Improves the natural flavor and color of all your favorite foods!

Unlike traditional/regular cookware, stainless all clad waterless cookware have unique lids that forms a seal with the pan or pot. This seal locks in all the foods natural moisture that would normally escape when cooking with a regular pot or pan. This special seal allows foods to cook in there own yummy natural juices as we mentioned above so minerals and vitamins are retained.
Since all vegetables contain a huge quantity of water, (80-90+%) there is actually no need to add any extra water when cooking them. The water in them is released from the vegetables during the cooking process and turns into steam, the special lids keep it all inside. The extra steam actually helps and speeds up the cooking process. And because a vent hole, either built into the knobs or in the lid, there is less fear of boil overs and all that mess that goes with it, keeping your kitchen & cookware clean!

Article provided courtesy of KCTrading Wholesale - a premier resource for stainless all clad cookware , kitchen & cookware as well as other gift items.


Part II: Why should I replace my old kitchen & cookware set today?

As mentioned in the last post above, true cooking stainless all clad cookware sets consist of high quality surgical stainless steel since it is the most resistant to corrosion from chemical and natural  acids. Kitchen aluminum cook ware, which is well known for its ability to heat quickly, has a tendency to break down quickly and can result in leaching, a process where microscopic bits of aluminum are mixed in with the foods that are cooked in these types of pots & pans.

Studies have shown that cooking with kitchen aluminum pots & pans may or maynot be good for your health. But, covering the aluminum between stainless all clad steel sheets solves the problem of metal leaching, while still benefiting from its superior ability to absorb heat. Stainless all clad cookware or surgical stainless steel are both non-porous so the materials inside cannot leach from either side of the outer stainless all clad steel layers.

Thick stainless all clad cookware has multi-ply of stainless steel keeping cooking ware hot once heated.  Stainless all clad cookware retains its heat through out the surface which allows for a induction setting or flame hight. Yes, you will cook greener and save money when cooking at lower temperatures and benefit from far easier clean-ups, as foods cooked at lower temps stick and burn less to the pans stainless all clad surface!

You'll also benefit from a polished outside surface as a smooth exterior  radiate much less energy and this also helps maintain even cooking temperatures. Even when you turn off the heat, a stainless all clad cookware temperature will slowly go down. Because of this you will also want a cookware that you can stack on top of each other to further keep the heat in allowing your dinner to cook to it's completion or just to keep dinner hot so your hungry family will enjoy a hot heat when they get home.   This stacking feature also free's up cooking space.  Note that most lower quality steel kitchen & cookware sets do not allow stacking, on top of each keep an eye open for a set that does!

  • Replace your worn Kitchen Aluminum Cook ware!  
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to cook your meals!  
  • Spend less time cleaning your stainless all clad cookware!  
  • Save valuable cooking space!

Article provided courtesy of KCTrading Wholesale - a premier resource for stainless all clad cookware , kitchen & cookware as well as other gift items.